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Lynn Lin
Creating Same Model Photos Made Easy – Replicate Function

Achieve consistent styles with WeShop AI’s [Replicate to other tasks] feature!

Transfer model and scene configurations for clothing products seamlessly. 🎉 #FashionTech #AIInnovation

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WeShop AI Turns Classic Hayao Miyazaki IPs into Live-Action

WeShop AI can recreate the world and characters from Classic Hayao Miyazaki IPs, bringing them to live-action in a visually stunning and authentic manner.

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WeShop AI Unlock Image Creation Across Industries

WeShop AI offers a revolutionary solution to image creation across industries. Using AI’s imagination to help enrich details, shooting locations and style associations, which streamline the whole process of image creation.

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WeShop’s AI Children Models is Revolutionizing the Children Fashion Photography

WeShop AI is creating AI children models for fashion with its AI technology, offering a cost-effective and time-saving solution for e-commerce businesses.

Beautiful White Girl AI children model generated by WeShop AI
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How to Create Stunning AI Product Photo

General questions for creating stunning AI product photo, Best AI tools to use and what are the final effects.

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More Realistic Backgrounds – WeShop AI 1.5 Version Launch

We are thrilled to announce the release of WeShop AI Version 1.5! In this update, we have introduced more diverse and realistic backgrounds to enhance your photo image.

More realistic backgrounds with WeShop AI 1.5 version
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Erase Objects by Negative Prompt with AI

Have difficulties when the original image contains elements like hats or glasses that you want to remove? Here are tricks of how to erase items and get a stunning effect with WeShop AI.

Lynn Lin
Fashion/Product Designers: Tips to Rapidly Prototype and Launch New Collections with AI

Prototype multiple fashion designs from one sketch with AI image generation for rapid design iteration

Lynn Lin
A Few Strokes of Drawing to Perfect the Generated Image for Your E-Commerce Store

Simple hand-drawn sketches provide more context versus text prompts that struggle conveying abstract ideas to AI generators.

Sketching guides the AI to create perfectly branded product images.

Lynn Lin
Product Module + Autoselect Subject = Perfect Background Replacement

After the Autoselect Subject launched, WeShop AI discovered a trick that enables quickly and high-quality replacing model photo backgrounds!