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Erase Objects by Negative Prompt with AI

Have difficulties when the original image contains elements like hats or glasses that you want to remove? Here are tricks of how to erase items and get a stunning effect with WeShop AI.

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Fashion/Product Designers: Tips to Rapidly Prototype and Launch New Collections with AI

Prototype multiple fashion designs from one sketch with AI image generation for rapid design iteration

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A Few Strokes of Drawing to Perfect the Generated Image for Your E-Commerce Store

Simple hand-drawn sketches provide more context versus text prompts that struggle conveying abstract ideas to AI generators.

Sketching guides the AI to create perfectly branded product images.

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Product Module + Autoselect Subject = Perfect Background Replacement

After the Autoselect Subject launched, WeShop AI discovered a trick that enables quickly and high-quality replacing model photo backgrounds!

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Tips to Fix Imperfections in Generated Clothing Images with WeShop AI

WeShop users may see AI add unneeded details like fabric and sleeves.

Text description and Prompt feature help avoid this. Examples and tips show how to use these to prevent AI generating redundant parts.

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Breaking New Feature – Text Description. Create High-Converting Photos in Any Language

New function generates high-quality product photos from text prompts in any language.

Simply describe images in your mind in any language, and get commercial images for global audiences.

Drive more sales with localized images.

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New AI Feature for Designers/Artists: Text-to-Image & Image-to-Image

New features: Text-to-Image & Image-to-Image allow quickly iterating designs from text prompts to refined images.

Leveraging AI to expand creative possibilities and streamline tedious steps. Unlock creative potential for designers and artists!

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The Must-Have AI Tools to Boost Productivity in the AI Era

Master AI tools, ride the wave of transformation.

Rytr generates articles with a few keywords, D-ID crafts lifelike videos, SlidesAI designs elegant presentations, WeShop AI creates stunning e-commerce images.

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The Impact of AI on E-Commerce: 6 Helpful Tools for Sellers in 2023

AI revolutionizes e-commerce!

Explore 6 top AI-powered tools (Claude, WeShop AI, Syte, ChatGPT, etc.) for enhanced customer journeys and higher sales in 2023. 🚀

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AI-Powered E-commerce Photo Creation – Tips for WeShop AI Template Module

Maximize e-commerce success on Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, and more with WeShop AI.

Unlock productivity-boosting tips and key AI applications for optimal results!