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Lynn Lin
Creating Same Model Photos Made Easy – Replicate Function

Achieve consistent styles with WeShop AI’s [Replicate to other tasks] feature!

Transfer model and scene configurations for clothing products seamlessly. 🎉 #FashionTech #AIInnovation

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WeShop AI Turns Classic Hayao Miyazaki IPs into Live-Action

WeShop AI can recreate the world and characters from Classic Hayao Miyazaki IPs, bringing them to live-action in a visually stunning and authentic manner.

Lynn Lin
Fashion/Product Designers: Tips to Rapidly Prototype and Launch New Collections with AI

Prototype multiple fashion designs from one sketch with AI image generation for rapid design iteration

Lynn Lin
Product Module + Autoselect Subject = Perfect Background Replacement

After the Autoselect Subject launched, WeShop AI discovered a trick that enables quickly and high-quality replacing model photo backgrounds!

Lynn Lin
Breaking New Feature – Text Description. Create High-Converting Photos in Any Language

New function generates high-quality product photos from text prompts in any language.

Simply describe images in your mind in any language, and get commercial images for global audiences.

Drive more sales with localized images.

Lynn Lin
New AI Feature for Designers/Artists: Text-to-Image & Image-to-Image

New features: Text-to-Image & Image-to-Image allow quickly iterating designs from text prompts to refined images.

Leveraging AI to expand creative possibilities and streamline tedious steps. Unlock creative potential for designers and artists!

Lynn Lin
Boost Your E-commerce Success with WeShop AI’s Revolutionary E-commerce and Photo Tool

WeShop AI (www.weshop.ai) revolutionizes e-commerce with its AI-Powered E-commerce and Photo Tool.

Effortlessly produce captivating images, including model, mannequin, product, toy and children’s clothing photos, with just a few clicks. Elevate your brand and boost sales at a fraction of the cost.

Sign up today and get FREE 400 computing power points (~40 images)! 🚀

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WeShop AI User Guide

WeShop AI 101 guide.

Unlock the full potential of our cutting-edge AI-Powered E-commerce and Photo Tool with this comprehensive user guide.

Let’s dive in and make the most of AI technology for your business success! 🚀